Greywater Systems | Pump Wells, Grease Traps & Diverters

Greywater Recycling Systems

Greywater system components for the recycling of greywater (sometimes called blackwater) so that it’s filtered, seperated and ready for use on gardens, etc. All our systems are made from Australian-made and owned polymer products that are strong, light and long lasting.

Perfect greywater systems for DIYers

If you like getting your hands dirty and having a go at installing things yourself, our grey water filter systems are all DIY and very eas to install without the need for specialised tools.

All our products come with information brochures and installation instructions so you can be sure you’ve got everything you need to start recycling your greywater and put it to good use!

45 Litre Grease Trap  272.73 AUD
Grey Flow Drip Tube Kit  272.7272 AUD


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