Maintaining your Nature Loo

Split Systems

Nature Loo Classic 650 in-service chamber

A high-level servicing guide is detailed below:

Daily or Weekly
  • Add 1 cup of bulking agent to the toilet after every solid deposit.
  • Clean restroom and toilet fixtures using only biodegradable cleaners.
  • Inspect the in-service chamber, and depending on usage prepare another chamber for in-service use once the current chamber becomes full. Refer to Rotation of Chambers in your owner's manual for more information. 
  • Check the vent pipe and remove any foreign matter.
  • Check that the fan is operating.
  • Check that the leachate hose is clear of blockages and draining correctly. 
Six Monthly
  • Remove and clean the fan.

Nature Loo continues to offer quality back up and support for the life of the systems and, with distributors around the country, prompt after sales service and advice is assured. If you have any queries on the use or maintenance of our Nature Loo, please contact us.


Classic 650 Manual

Classic 850 Manual