There are many reasons why people want to poop in the outdoors. Some do it for freedom, others for the views. Whatever your reason for considering an outside toilet, we’ve gone through the many different and varied reasons why people love to crunch a grumpy in the great outdoors and listed them below. 

By Design

Depending on the layout of your land and where your home is located, some people like to have an outdoor toilet by design. This could be a deliberate part of the design process or an additional toilet for guests and visitors (handy if you’ve only got an ensuite). If you’re looking for outdoor toilet buildings that will perfectly accompany a Nature Loo composting toilet, take a look at Ecoflo’s Outloo Sheds

Some people don’t even bother with having a building for their outdoor toilet, take a look at some of the images below of toilets that really leave you exposed to nature!

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For the Freedom

If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating your ultimate off-grid home in the middle of nowhere, why wouldn’t you want to slay some brown dragons whilst being surrounded by nature? 

If you’re familiar with the off-grid lifestyle we’re pretty certain you don’t mind getting outdoors combined with living a life free from certain restrictions. Who says you need to lock yourself away in a box when you are making gorilla fingers. If you want to be free of walls, we say enjoy that freedom. 

Dropping the kids off at the pool

No, not like that (we know what you’re thinking!). We mean some of our customers are looking for a toilet they can use when they’re outside in the pool area. Our composting toilets and Outloo buildings are the perfect combinations if you’re looking for an outside toilet that doesn’t require plumbing, electricity or mains power and water to run. 

If your pool is far away from the house or in a separate part of your property, a composting toilet in an outdoor toilet building can be the right combination of environmentally friendly and convenient. 

To save space

If you’re part of the tiny home revolution that’s sweeping Australia and the world in the past few years you will know the benefits of saving space where possible. When you’ve got limited space, every nook and cranny around your home is usable space and filling up an entire room with a toilet when you can simply put it outside in its own building makes sense depending on your circumstances. 

You have a farm stay or campers on your property 

If you’ve got a farm stay or have people camping or staying on your property, a composting toilet with an Outloo building is a great option as it means people won’t have to come into your main building structure to use the bathroom and there’s no chance of the toilet backing up or getting blocked. 

What are the best types of toilets for outdoor use?

This will really depend on how many people will be using the toilet. For most people, something like the Nature Loo Excelet or the Nature Loo NL2 is the perfect solution. If, however, you have a little more space and are thinking about having a raised building something like the Nature Loo Classic will be better suited. 

If you’ve got a larger number of people using the system (if for example, you own a camping ground, yoga studio or farm stay) Clivus Multrum produces a range of composting toilets that suit larger numbers of people. 

Do you need to have a building around an outside toilet?

This will really depend on your local council and it’s best to speak with them about their legislation and requirements for composting toilets in their region before installing anything. 

This will also depend on where you live. If you’re in the Victorian Alps in the middle of winter, it’s likely you’re going to want walls around your toilet when you go number two in the dead of winter. 

If you’re thinking of installing an outdoor toilet, speak to the experts. Talk to us today on 1300 138 182 to find out more about our outdoor toilet buildings and composting toilet combos.


Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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