Mini toilets tiny homes

If you’re the type of person who believes that less is more, there’s a good chance you live a lifestyle that’s uncluttered, easy and clear. You might be limited in space but it’s not how much room you have, it’s what you do with it right?

Mini toilets tiny homes

Tiny spaces for big living

Tiny homes are a great way of uncluttering your life and more Australians are starting to realise that less really is more. Tiny homes offer a lifestyle that requires you to sometimes think outside the box and makes you pack more into the limited space you have.

The bathroom is no exception. Lots of our customers are looking for compact toilets for small bathrooms for their tiny homes, and we’ve got just the range for those small spaces and tight sizes.

The Nature Loo Mini

The Nature Loo Mini is a great option for people who have limited space and require a composting toilet for a small home, tiny house or tiny home on wheels. Made from solid marine grade fibreglass it’s a great option for someone who wants to DIY their installation.

With 22 litres of bin space it’s great for one or two people as a fulltime toilet and at a measly 55cm high by 47cm wide and a depth of 57cm it’s definitely one of the smaller options in our range.
Check out the Nature Loo Mini for yourself

The Nature Loo Mini Mobile

If you’ve got a tiny house on wheels, live in a motorhome or a boat then the Nature Loo Mini Mobile is the perfect solution for you. With a large 22 litre bin, it’s big enough to handle 1-2 people for full time use without taking up a huge amount of space. With roughly the same specs as the Mini above it’s the perfect solution for anyone with limited space.
Check out the Nature Loo Mini Mobile

The Sun-Mar Compact

This unit is slightly larger than the NatureLoo range but it does come with a few bells and whistles. Using a composting drum instead of the bio bags in the Nature Loo Mini range, this is a composting toilet that has all the features of a larger system but without the bulk.

This smaller profile means it’s the perfect compact toilet for a small bathroom or tiny house composting toilet.
Check out the Sun-Mar Compact

The CM2

This unit is slightly deeper than all the other models listed above, but it’s one of the more narrow systems we stock, so we thought it would be worthwhile adding to the ‘small toilets for tight spaces’ list!

Measuring a measly 39.5cm wide it’s a narrow profile toilet that will fit in even the smallest of bathrooms (provided you can get the 62cm of clearance for the depth).
Check out the Clivus Multrum CM2 composting toilet

If you live in a tiny home, off the grid or have a motorhome, boat or RV, the compact composting toilets listed above are your best bet.

If you’re looking for further information or would like to chat with someone in our office, feel free to call us on 1300 138 182


Nature Loo / Ecoflo was the first supplier of composting toilets to be certified to New Zealand and Australian Standard 1546.2

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