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  • Composting toilets vs Septics

    Compared to a septic system, a composting toilet:

    – Saves 35,000 litres of water per year per family
    – No pollution
    – No pump outs
    – No major ground work etc
  • Composting toilets vs AWTS

    Compared to an AWTS*, a composting toilet:

    – Saves 35,000 Litres / year of water per family
    – Saves $1,000 / year in inspection fees, electricity and replacement parts
    – Saves thousands of $$ to buy and install
    *AWTS – Alternative Water Treatment System using aerators, pumps, chlorine and lots of electricity
  • Life with a composting toilet

    How it looks – We think our toilets are works of art; most people think that what they see in their bathroom, depending on the model, looks just like a flushing toilet, but without the water wasting cistern (aka waterless toilet).

    Maintenance – Less than an hour per year.

    Cleaning – The pedestal is shaped such that it is unlikely to soil. You can clean the pedestal as you would a flushing toilet; just use our enzymes in place of disinfectant.

    Odours – There is absolutely no smell in the bathroom; all odours are removed by a 12 volt fan.
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Our approach is simple – design and build a reliable, high-quality product with ecological benefits to you and the rest of Australia.

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